Our Story

We are a young start-up and confident about that with our app we are able to solve a problem that everyone has had at least once:

You need a product or an object to do something, but you are not willing to buy it? You are assuming that someone from your phone book contacts could help you out by lending, but you do not know who? Besides you often forget about to keep track by whom you have borrowed a product?

Here we put on our App. We have developed thangs out of a refined combination of different features, designed and build to shake up the sharing economy.

Our Team

David Paul

Managing director
& Co-Founder

Sammy Schuckert

Managing director
& Co-Founder

Samuel Nau

Advisor UX-Design

Alexander Müller

Backend Developer

Alexander Quednau

Backend Developer

Simon Walter

Android Developer

Dominik Vincenz

iOS Developer

And you?

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